History of the Consolidated Flint River and Running Water P. B. Association

The Flint River Primitive Baptist Association was organized in 1883.  Their officers were as follows:  Moderator-Elder W. M. Anderson, Clerk-Elder W. R. White, Assistant Clerk-Elder T. Smith, Treasurer-Brother J. Lightford.

The Running Water Primitive Baptist Association was organized in 1870.

In 1912, the Running Water P. B. Association officers were:

     Moderator       Elder L. M. Townsend

     Clerk               Elder J. W. Stovall

     Treasurer         Brother Mack McCamy

Member Churches

     White Rock P. B. Church        20 members

     Shiloh P. B. Church               16 members

     Cedar Grove P. B. Church      17 members

     Macedonia P. B. Church         34 members

     Little Flock P. B. Church        11 members

In 1911, the Flint River P. B. Assocation officers were:

     Moderator       Elder W. M. Anderson

     Clerk               Elder W. R. White

Member Churches

     Flint River P. B. Church     51 members

     Oak Grove P. B. Church      8 members

     St. Elizabeth P. B. Church  11 members

     Mt. Mariar P. B. Church       8 members

In 1913, at the Oak Grove P. B. Church in the Flint River P. B. Association, the Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church petitioned by letter and was accepted with 12 members and $1.00 in money.

In 1916, the Flint River P. B. Association and the Running Water P. B. Association consolidated.  The first session was held at Little Flock P. B. Church, August 25-27, 1917.  Elder L. M. Townsend, Pastor.  They agreed in that session to use the Constitution from the Flint River P. B. Association.  The Rules of Decorum and Abstract of Principles were the same.  When they consolidated in 1917, there was $5.10 in the Flint River P. B. Association and $15.99 in the Running Water P. B. Association

First Official Staff

     Moderator     Elder W. M. Anderson     Huntsville, AL

     Spokeman     Elder L. M. Townsend     Brownsboro, AL

     Clerk             Elder J. W. Stovall           Stevenson, AL

     Asst. Clerk     Elder W. R. White            Huntsville, AL

     Treasurer       Brother K. Tolliver           Hollywood, AL

Churches in the Consolidated Flint River and Running Water P. B. Assocaion in 1917

                    Flint River          75 members

                    Oak Grove           6 members

                    St. Elizabeth       12 members

                    Union Hill           17 members

                    Union Ridge          6 members

                    White Rock         11 members

                    Shiloh                20 members

                    Cedar Grove       14 members

                    Macedonia          31 members

                    Little Flock         25 members

In 1920, at Shiloh P. B. Church in Hollywood, AL, the Association received a resolution requesting each church have a Sunday School and to organized a Sunday School Convention.  Elder J. D. Johnson, Chairman, Elder D. C. Crutcher, clerk of that committee.  The first session of the Convention of the Sunday School was held at Union Hill P. B. Church near Normal, AL in 1921.

On April 18, 1942, in the Council, the women was given Saturday night to have a program and the money was used to help the sick.  Sister Georgia Bone offered a resolution that the women register with the Coucil Meeting with $0.15 and it was received.  They raised in that effort $3.71 from this the Women Congress was organized with its first session on August 22, 1942 at the Little Flock P. B. Church and the officers were:

     President                    Sister Jimmie Ragland        Brownsboro, AL

     Vice President             Sister Rose Bone                Brownsboro, AL

     Recording Secretary     Sister Callie Douglass         Gurley, AL

     Asst. Secretary            Sister Georgia Bone            Huntsville, AL

     Treasurer                    Sister Willie Lue Townsend  New Market, AL

     Chaplain                     Sister Thula Robinson         Hollywood, AL

In 1957, the Youth Congress was organized at the St. Mary P. B. Church in Chattanooga, TN.  First President was Sister Annie M. Kelly.

In 1966, Member churches of the Flint River and Running Water P. B. Association

     Flint River P. B. Church               Maysville, AL

     Little Flock P. B. Church             Brownsboro, AL

     Union Hill P. B. Church               Normal, AL

     Shiloh P. B. Church                    Hollywood, AL

     St. Elizabeth P. B. Church           Larkingville, AL

     Cedar Grove P. B. Church           Larkingville, AL

     White Rock P. B. Church             Stevenson, AL

     A's Chapel P. B. Church              Hazel Green, AL

     St. Mary P. B. Church                 Chattanooga, TN

     New Bethel P. B. Church             Lorain, OH

     New Morning Star P. B. Church   Lorain, OH

     Behtel P. B. Church 

In 1978, the Young Adult Department was organized on March 24th.  First President was Elder Jerry Fields.

Moderators of the Consolidated Flint River and Running Water P. B. Association

Elder W. M. Anderson                  1 year      1916-1917

Elder O. T. Thatch                     2 years      1917-1919 

Elder L. M. Townsend               4 years       1919-1923

Elder W. R. White                      3 years       1923-1926

Elder B. Hewlett                       1 year         1926-1927

Elder T. Smith                          5 years       1927-1932

Elder W. M. Miller                     5 years       1932-1937

Elder W. L. Bragg                    19 years       1937-1956

Elder F. T. Blackwell                10 years       1956-1966

Elder W. E. Petty                       1 year         1966-1967

Elder C. C. Nance                     2 years         1967-1969

Elder F. T. Blackwell                  3 years       1969-1972

Elder Ross L. Payton                 33 years      1972-2005

Elder Oscar L. Montgomery                      2005-Present

In 2010, Member Churches of the Flint River and Running Water P. B. Association

                         A's Chapel          Hazel Green, AL

                         Flint River           Maysville, AL

                         Little Flock         Brownsboro, AL

                         New Zion            Harvest, AL

                         Potter's Hand      Huntsville, AL

                         Shiloh                 Hollywood, AL

                         Union Hill            Huntsville, AL

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